Manual Booking System under Covid-19 restrictions

A manual booking system has been introduced to ensure that there will be no uncontrolled attendance at the Croquet Club and that only a maximum of 10 players, including the Keyholder, will be permitted at any one session.

Manual Booking System

  1. Members must contact Tricia Clayton (Club Secretary) either by telephone or electronic means if they wish to book a game of croquet. Attendance must be pre-booked at all times.
  2. To help to enforce the necessary social distancing requirements, there will be no mix-ins.
  3. Each session will entail a maximum total of 10 players, including the keyholder, and will be allocated as 2 Singles games, double banked and starting from opposite corners on each of lawns 1 & 2, and 1 Singles game or Practice on the practice lawn.
  4. the remaining three players ‘sitting out’, off the lawn, a minimum of 2 metres apart on their own chairs.
  • A manual spreadsheet will be managed by Tricia to allocate a game slot to a member, on a ‘first come first served’ basis, to a maximum of 9 players in addition to the Keyholder, for any one session.
  • The weekly playing schedule will be posted on the club website in the ‘Members Area’, an example of which is shown below, and members must check the schedule prior to attending the club to ensure that they are booked in, and they know all the necessary information pertaining to their game.
  • Players must not arrive at the club until their allotted playing time or a few minutes before, ready to play, and make their way directly to their defined start point as shown on the club website schedule.
  • Signage will be displayed to direct players to their start points, the routes of which will ensure that social distancing requirements are not compromised.

Notes for Players.

  1. Throughout your game you must maintain a minimum space of 2 meters from your opponent and players in the double banked game.
  2. If there is a potential situation that the players in double banked games could become closer than 2 meters, the players of one of the games will give way to the other game by moving off the lawn until the potential infringement has passed.
  3. The Keyholder will have set out the lawns prior to a session and the correct colour balls will be ready at each game start point.
  4. Other than positioning balls with feet, mallet, or gloved hand, players must not touch the balls, hoops, or centre peg.
  5. Scoring clips, ball markers, and corner flags will not be used.
  6. Hand sanitiser will be available for players if required.
  7. Individuals will have to bring their own food and drink but must not share anything, and take their rubbish home with them.

These guidelines are given in good faith and the Bransgore Croquet Club will not be held liable for any outcome caused by not following the above instructions.

Below is the live weekly bookings schedule. The keyholder for the session is printed in RED.

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