Covid-19 General Guidelines for Players

In keeping with the advice offered by The Croquet Association and the Government, the following guidelines must be adhered to in order to minimise the risk of infection by Covid-19, when we are permitted to open for play. 

General Guidelines to Players

The advice below recognises that there are now more stringent measures that must be followed if our sport is to be managed in a safe way.

  1. Do not come to the club if you are experiencing any symptoms of a cold or flu, in particular a cough or high temperature. Use the NHS helpline and seek advice. For your own protection, follow the advice about self-isolation if you are, or are living with, someone in one of the vulnerable groups.
  2. No guests/ visitors/ spectators are permitted.
  3. Attendance must be pre-booked through Tricia Clayton. (max 9 + keyholder per session)
  4. Social distancing rules must be observed at all times.
  5. Opening and closing of sessions including setting out and putting away of equipment, will be done only by the keyholder for each session.
  6. All keyholders will have access to the necessary equipment and cleaning products to ensure a safe environment for our members.
  7. Hand sanitiser will be provided for players.
  8. The Pavilion will only be opened to accommodate an urgent need to use the toilet and hand washing facilities. Toilets and wash bowls must be cleaned thoroughly by the User after use.
  9. The white moveable chairs will not be used. However, Members may bring their own chairs. One bench will be left out, but should only to be used in an emergency.
  10. Scoring clips, ball markers, and corner flags will not be used and players should agree the score at the end of each scoring turn.
  11. Individuals will have to bring their own food and drink, must not share anything, and take their rubbish home with them.
  12. To comply with necessary social distancing requirements, each session will entail a maximum total of 10 players including the keyholder and will be allocated as 2 singles games, double banked and starting from opposite corners on each of lawns 1 & 2, and 1 singles game or practice on the practice lawn.
  13. Monday afternoons will be reallocated as an AC/GC shared session for the remainder of the season, with one lawn guaranteed for AC use. However, if no AC bookings are made, the lawn will be allocated to GC.
  14. On AC/GC shared sessions, AC players may play a Doubles game on lawn 1 as social distancing is more easily maintained in AC, there being only one player on the lawn at any one time with the remaining three players ‘sitting out’, off the lawn, a minimum of 2 metres apart on their own chairs.
  15. Despite the need to place balls by hand in AC, the Croquet Association recommend that feet, rather than hands, are used to position balls where it can be done with sufficient precision. A gloved hand could also be used, but this is entirely a personal preference.
  16. Club mallets must not be shared. If necessary, a member can borrow a club mallet for the remainder of the season.
  17. These guidelines are given in good faith and the Bransgore Croquet Club will not be held liable for any outcome caused by not following the above instructions.

2020 Covid-19 Playing Schedule

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