Calendar 2021

Click this link to go to the calendar

Using the Calendar

The Calendar provides all the court bookings for Matches, Tournaments, Mix In sessions and other events, as well as a means of finding other players interested in a game and booking courts for play and practice.

To access the calendar, select the link above. If you want to return to the Bransgore Croquet Club Website, please select the appropriate window/tab on your device.

The Calendar can be viewed by 2-week or Agenda mode and lists the attendees for each session with numbers for Lawn 1: 1 – 2 singles on primary, 3 – 6 singles or doubles on secondary and Lawn 2: 1 – 2 singles on primary and 3 – 6 singles or doubles on secondary. It seems play may possibly start under Covid-19 restrictions

In order to book your slot, please email Trish with your preferences and they will be entered onto the calendar as before.

If you wish to book a specific match with another member, then please ask Trish to enter this onto the calendar too, but preference will be given to Mix Ins.

Please note:

Lawn 1: Nos 1 – 2 will play primary colours (singles)
Lawn 1: Nos 3 – 6 will play secondary colour (doubles or singles)

Lawn 2: Nos 1 – 2 will play primary colours (singles)
Lawn 2: Nos 3 – 6 will play secondary colours (doubles or singles)

Request for an opponent

  1. Click anywhere within the calendar and window will appear.
  2. Enter your name as the ‘EVENT TITLE’
  3. Select your preferred DATE and SESSION TIME
  4. Select ‘ANYONE FOR A GAME?’ calendar from the drop down menu.
  5. SAVE