Club Barbecue 2021

In a time honored tradition, the Club barbecue went ahead last Friday and was a great success. Here are a few images from the evening.

Set up and ready to go……..
The “hot end” of the event
No complaints here……..
Ready for nearest the peg?

Advantage GC Trial

For the 2021 Season, the Southern Croquet Federation (SCF) will be trialling a new handicap system. In entering our teams in the SCF GC leagues we are obliged to play matches using the new ‘Advantage GC’ scoring system.

The new version of Golf Croquet called ‘Advantage GC’ is intended to provide a more level playing field, across the handicap range, than the current ‘extra turns’ version.

Results of games played under the rules of ‘Advantage GC’ must not be entered onto the official Handicap Card, unless you are playing in the SCF League for 2021. However, if any member would like to have a go, during regular play, the guidelines are detailed in the attached documents. Players should be aware that it is currently an unauthorised game and as such can only be regarded as a friendly one.

Start of 2021 season

Terry Huxtable plays the first ball on to Lawn one thus starting the 2021 season.
Hey Terry, Where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat?

Season End 2020

I would like to thank all of our members for supporting the club throughout the current Covid-19 pandemic.

For the last session of the 2020 season a match was arranged between our Team A and Team B, Southern Croquet Federation squads.

Team A: Kate Crumpler, Barry Dench, Lexie Oakenfold, Sonia Helmsley, Tony Cumes, Art Wardle (Capt.)

Team B: Lesley Wooltorton, Barry Jolly, Mike Tomkins, Tricia Clayton, Ruth Elkins, Terry Huxtable (Capt.)

It was a close and enjoyable match, appreciated by all players, with Team B winning, 7-5.

Hopefully, 2021 will be a much better year and permit us to have a more ‘normal’ croquet season.

Art Wardle, Chairman.

Team ‘B’ Lesley Wooltorton, Barry Jolly, Mike Tomkins, Tricia Clayton, Ruth Elkins, Terry Huxtable (Capt.)

More news re. Covid-19 restrictions

The members have been enjoying some glorious weather on the croquet lawns and with the easing of restrictions, the precautions for playing croquet have relaxed further.

With effect from 3rd August 2020, six members are permitted to play on a single lawn, this will enable the playing of a Singles and a Doubles match on each lawn.  All play must still be booked using the manual booking system by first contacting Trish Clayton.

2020 Season Opening Announced

Much against expectation, croquet will be played in Bransgore this year but under very different conditions. As you might expect, social distancing will be maintained to the current government advice. All the details are in the documents sent out by email to all members who have email with a hard copy to those who do not. For convenience the document are reproduced here and can be accessed by clicking the appropriate link below.

General Guidance for Players

Manual Booking System