SCF Handicap League Result 2019

News from the federation POSTED ON 21/09/2019

GC Handicap League Winners Phyllis Court B

Phyllis Court B beat Bransgore by 9 games to 7 in a tense final yesterday at Henley. The result hinged fittingly on the last game, 1 v 1 , Mike Fensome (0) and Brian Davies(6).

With Phyllis Court leading 8-7 either player could have won the league title for their team a recurring theme of this year’s closely matched Handicap competition.

Unsurprisingly the game went to a very nervy hoop 13 before Mike could seal victory.

Bransgore had a superb day. Phyllis Court B played handicaps of 0, 2, 3 and 4. Bransgore were delighted with their achievement against such low handicappers.

Left to right: Trish Clayton, Brian Davies, Barry Jolly and Terry Huxtable.
Terry in extreme concentration mode.