Assessment of GC Handicaps

The new handicap system adopted in 2016 encompasses a range of handicaps from -6 to 20. The CA has issued the guideline that high end handicaps should not be applied by default to new players. Consequently, a mid-range handicap of 11 will be issued to beginners.

For beginners and players who choose not to play competitive matches, the provision of a handicap is somewhat academic but their particular progress will be observed throughout the season and adjustments applied as necessary.

If there are any contentious situations that arise, the CA has a simple “Three Times Round” test which can provide a guide as to the appropriate handicap to be allocated. This test could be actioned by mutual agreement of the player and club Handicapper to help resolve the situation.

For members who regularly play competitive games, the automatic handicap system will ensure that their handicaps gravitate towards the correct figure, commensurate with their capability.

However, despite the handicap recorded on a player’s card, it is the prerogative of the club Handicapper to reassess and change this figure if there is an obvious misalignment between the recorded handicap and the player’s capability.

The official CA ruling is that the club Handicapper has the authority to change a player’s handicap by a minimum of 2 points. On the occasion where a 2 point change would be excessive, the BCC will permit a 1 point change by mutual agreement of the player and Handicapper, otherwise the authorised 2 point change will be applied.