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Safeguarding Policy

Name of Club: Bransgore Croquet Club


Please also see other information regarding Safeguarding available on the CA website.

Regulated Activity in relation to children means, as far as croquet is concerned, teaching, training or instruction, care or supervision, or driving a vehicle being used only for transporting children, that is carried out by the same person once a week or more, or 4 or more days in 30, or overnight.  A fuller definition and discussion of it is contained in the guidance on the CA website.

The club will point out to parents of under-18s who take part in club activities that the club will take every possible care of children but they cannot be deemed to be in loco parentis in respect of children using club facilities.  The exception to this will be if the young person is a member of a club team playing in an away match or tournament and the required permission form has been signed by the parent or guardian.



Please contact her with any queries.



Bransgore Croquet Club