At Bransgore Croquet Club, we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates your needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, Contact Us

Really, can anyone play?
Indeed yes. We have members of our club who are in their nineties and they enjoy the exercise and fresh air. Teenagers who get interested in the game can be very good players too! So there is a very wide age range of players and abilities.

I don't know how to play croquet, does it take long to learn?
During the first three free sessions offered by the club, you will receive as much coaching as you need on a one to one basis. Usually, this nine hours is more than adequate to give you a basic grounding in the techniques and tactics of the games.

Following on, you will continue to build on what you have learned through club play. All members will help you with all aspects of the games for as long as you need it.

Will I need to buy any equipment?
No. We have all the equipment needed at the club. We have a range of sizes and types of mallet (used to strike the ball) so you can try several to find one that suits you. Many people who play croquet regularly, do purchase their own mallet and advice can be given on suitability if you wish to buy your own.

What about clothing?
For normal club play only casual comfortable clothes are worn. In order to preserve the lawns you will need a pair of flat soled shoes that are comfortable. You will be on your feet for three hours so comfort is essential. Remember also that the weather can be changeable so a range of hats coats etc in the back of the car, can come in handy. (Sunscreen if we are lucky!)

When we play league games or friendly matches, we are expected to play in whites. However, you should not worry about that for a while, at least until you have some experience. We do have a range of clothing available to purchase which has our club logo on and accommodates all weathers.

Can I bring a friend?
Absolutely yes. Many people start together and it is fun to grow into the game together.

How much does it all cost?
The joining fee is 120 per annum for the season. For new members, this is due after the three free sessions.   If playing twice per week, the cost works out at about 2.30 per session over the  season, less if playing more than twice a week. Not easy to find any quality sporting experience for a lesser price!

For casual guests players, the  green fees are 5 for a three hour session.

Is your club easy to find?
General directions and a Google map are available on the Location page of our website.


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