1. Title & Address

1.1 “The Bransgore Croquet Club”, hereafter referred to as “the club” was inaugurated on January 1st 2006.  The address shall be the same as that of the Secretary.

2. Aims

2.1 To foster and promote the sport of Croquet at all levels, providing opportunities for recreation and competition.

3. Membership

3.1 Playing Membership is open to any applicant * on payment of a joining fee and * ~ annual subscription ~, having completed a membership application form.

4. Officers

4.1 The officers of the Club shall be as follows:
President- Non-Executive and Honorary
Chairman }
Secretary }  - Executive Officers
Treasurer }

5. General Committee

5.1 The affairs of the Club shall be controlled by a Committee comprising the Executive Officers and up to a maximum of six other members, all of whom shall be elected from, and by, the Full Members of the Club at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). They will normally serve for a term of three years, after which they resign or seek re-election for a further 3-year term.

Committee members hold office for no more than 6 years in total and should then stand down for 1 year before seeking re-election. Members of the club, may seek to contest any position
that is becoming vacant or up for re-election subject to a minimum notice period of 21 days before the date of the AGM. If at the end of any 3-year term, no nominations are forthcoming, the retiring member may be co-opted until the next AGM provided he/she has notified the Secretary 21 days ahead of the AGM. (Amended March 2019)

5.2 The Committee will meet when necessary, but at least twice a year.  It has the power to appoint temporary sub-committees.

5.2.1 A quorum is required for the committee to take decisions. A quorum for committee meetings will be a simple majority of 1. E.g. if the total number of committee members is 8 then a quorum is 5. In the event of an emergency, the officers of the club (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) plus one other, shall be in full agreement for a decision to be made.
{Amendment 1/03/2017}

5.3 The duties of the General Committee are:

5.3.1 To control the affairs at the Club on behalf of the Members.
5.3.2 To keep accurate accounts of the finances of the Club through the Treasurer, who will arrange that the accounts are audited before every AGM.

5.3.3 To co-opt additional members to the Committee as necessary.  Co-opted members will not have a vote on the Committee unless they replace a member who has died or resigned, but they remain on the Committee until the next AGM.

5.3.4 To make decisions on the basis of a simple majority vote, the Chairman having an additional casting vote.

5.3.5 To maintain suitable Insurance against claims due to Third Parties, Fire, Theft and any other aspects considered necessary.

6. General Meetings

6.1 Each AGM will be held at a place and time, selected by the Committee, not later than the end of March each year.  The Committee will call a Special General Meeting (SGM) at the written request of at least 20% or more of the members.  Notice of any GM shall be sent to all Members not less than 21 days before the date of the meeting.  Members must advise the Secretary of business to be moved at a GM at least 14 days before the meeting.

6.2 The Committee may, from time to time, create bye-laws which must be observed by Members.  Misbehavior by Members may result in their loss of membership, with no return of fees.  At a GM the decision of the Chairman upon a question of order, voting, adjournment of the meeting and interpretation of the bylaws of the club shall be final.

6.3 This Constitution may be changed only if requested by the Committee or, in writing, by at least 20% or more of the Full Members.  At least 66% of the Full Members present must vote for the change(s).

6.4 The business of the AGM will be to:-

6.4.1 Confirm the minutes of the previous AGM and any other GMs.

6.4.2 Receive the audited accounts.

6.4.3 Receive the annual report of the Chairman.

6.4.4 * Confirm the appointment of the Auditor.*

6.4.5 Elect the ~ Executive ~ officers of the Club and Members of the General Committee.

6.4.6 A member who has not paid his subscription by such default date as the Committee prescribe will, at the discretion of the Committee, be deemed to have resigned.

6.4.7 Decisions at a GM are taken by a simple voting majority, each Full Member having one vote and the Chairman having an additional casting vote.

6.4.8 A quorum for a GM shall be at least 51% of the Full Members, which will include at least 50% of the Committee.
6.4.9 To transact any other business.

7. Finance.

7.1 The Treasurer will be responsible for recording all payments and receipts over the financial year, as agreed with the Committee.

7.2 Expenditure may be authorised by the Committee for routine expenses.  The Treasurer may reimburse members of the Committee for expenditures incurred while on the business of the Club.

7.3 Prior notice must be given to members before any planned major expenditure.

7.4 Payment cheques must be signed by any two of the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

8. Data Protection Act

Members’ names, home and e-mail addresses and  telephone numbers are on a computer.  Members must notify the Secretary of changes to this information. Members will be deemed to consent to the disclosure of such information but only to an organisation to which the Club is associated or affiliated.  New Members must be aware of this.

9. Dissolution

9.1 If at any GM of the Club, a Resolution calls for the dissolution of the Club.  A Special GM shall be called which must be attended by at least a quorum of the members.  There must be a 75% majority vote of those attending the GM, for the proposal to wind up the Club's affairs.

9.2 After discharging all debts and liabilities, the remaining assets of the Club shall be given to the Croquet Association.

10 Safeguarding

10.1 This club adopts the model safeguarding policy in respect to vulnerable persons which is available on the CA website along with other useful  safeguarding documents. The designated point of contact as required by the policy will be the Chairman of the committee or in his absence, the Secretary.
{Added 1/03/2017}

*  *  = Amendment 1 December 2006
~  ~ = Amendment 2 February 2008


Download a copy of our constitution by clicking here:- CONSTITUTION

Read the model Safeguarding policy by clicking here


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