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On the following pages:-

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Conduct of Competition Matches

Court Booking System

Their are some Fridays that have been allocated to play competition matches. In order that we keep within our agreement with the Parish Council, there do need to be some controls on Friday play. For this reason the Court Booking System (CBS) has been introduced. The purpose of the CBS is to provide you with the facility to plan and book ahead for your domestic matches.

There are some dates already booked out for Southern Counties League matches so obviously you cannot book those dates. Also, you can only book Fridays currently. At some time in the future, if the Club decides it wants to, we can open up the booking system to other days of the week to avoid bottle necks. But that is not for the immediate future.

In order to prevent members “just turning up” on a Friday, ALL Friday matches must be booked in advance and using the booking system link on the website or your own link if you have got your password. If anyone needs help to get started with the Court Booking System, please call me (Barry Dench on 01425 672340). I will arrange a time with you when you are in front of your computer, laptop etc. and walk you through it. 

It is important that these Fridays continue to be available for our use so please follow these simple guidelines which will benefit the whole club.

The GC Consolation Plate and Ladder (Singles)

For 2016, a second competition has been included; The Consolation Plate. The idea is that after the first round of the Cup singles competition, members who do not win their first round, have no chance of playing any more singles matches using the full rules of the game including handicaps and extra turns (bisques).

In order to encourage more play under the full rules the Consolation Plate will provide more opportunity. All players who do not proceed to the second round of the Cup are automatically entered in to the Plate. The competition will proceed in the same way as the Cup.

Additionally, players who do not progress at any level in either the Cup or the Plate, are to be encouraged to continue playing under the full rules on the Club Ladder.

The Cup competition for this year will continue to be organised by George Baylis. The Plate will be organised by Lexi Oakenfold and Roger Price is your man for the ladder.



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