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In the last century croquet in this area was only played in Burley. Games were played in member’s gardens and usually finished with tea and cucumber sandwiches.

Due to various circumstances the club membership diminished and as a result, availability of garden lawns also decreased. The opportunities to play croquet became fewer and fewer.

Around 2005 a suitable piece of land became available in Bransgore. The Burley Club committee made inquiries about this ground and as a result, this is now the home of Bransgore Croquet Club (BCC).

The Bransgore Croquet Club was formed in 2006 and was ably and enthusiastically led by Miles Rich and his team. Play commenced in the summer of 2006 with just a half lawn.

Playing days were Monday afternoons (Association Croquet) and Thursday afternoons (Golf Croquet). Following on from this initial effort, the club now has two full sized playing lawns and a smaller lawn used for practice.

As the club has grown, it now enjoys play from Monday to Thursday as detailed below.

in addition to club play, we invite other  organisations along. For example, Rotary, TWG, U3A and WI, come and play croquet and afterwards enjoy cheese and wine or a cream tea, depending on the time of day to finish off.

Playing Dates and Times

The Bransgore Croquet Year usually commences on the 1st April and finishes about the end of September, beginning of October. This is dependent on the weather.

As we play both forms of the game at Bransgore (read more about The Games here), we have divided the week into the following playing slots.


10 am

2 pm

 10am & 2pm


 1 & 2

1 & 2

3  (half lawn)

Monday *

Lawn Maintenance

Association Croquet

am - Maintenance
pm - Any


Golf Croquet

Shared GC and AC



Shared GC and AC

Golf Croquet



Golf Croquet

Golf Croquet



For Club tournaments, league

matches and friendly matches

Not in use

The Bransgore Croquet Week - Club Playing Times 2019


You can read a copy of our constitution by clicking this link:- Constitution

Social Events

We hold a number of social events for club members and their  guests. Currently we hold a barbecue in July, an End of Season lunch in November and have a dinner just before Christmas. The End of Season lunch includes the presentation of awards for the club competitions. There are some photographs of last year's event in the Photo Gallery

In addition we hold invitation evenings when we host other clubs and organisations, for example, Rotary, Probus, TWG, U3A and WI, to come and play some croquet and provide cheese and wine to finish off the evening.

Pricing Information

The standard subscription fee is 120 per annum for the whole season. This is payable by all existing members and players of the game who join BCC from elsewhere.

If playing twice per week, the standard subscription works out at under 2.50 per session over the season and less if playing more than twice a week.

We also have an Associate Membership for existing members who, due to health reasons or reasons of distance from the club can only play very infrequently, but want to stay in contact with the members. The subscription for this is 20 per annum. This is discretionary and kept under review by the committee. This level of membership is not available to new members joining the club.

For casual guests players, the  green fees are 5 for a three hour session.

A summary of the subscription levels
and introductory offers for 2019.

Standard Full Member - 120
Subscription for late joiners (after July 2019) 60
Associate Membership (Occasional play and all social events) 20. (Associate membership is at the discretion of the committee)

In addition to the three no obligation sessions of previous years, any new member to the club who shows an interest in playing AC will have two further no obligation sessions before they decide to join.

If anything in the above is not clear or if you have questions, please contact us:-

* Notes to the above chart

When Monday is a bank holiday, Scott is not permitted to carry out maintenance on bank holidays. Consequently, we will swap Tuesdays for Mondays. Maintenance will be carried out on Tuesday mornings.  There will be an AC  session in the afternoon.

Therefore there is no restriction to play on Bank Holiday Mondays; GC in the morning and a shared session in the afternoon.  I will put these dates on the website calendar for future reference. Also, I will issue reminders before the actual dates.


Bransgore Croquet Club